The Pluperfect Phantom

The Pluperfect Phantom by Olivia Diamond


The Pluperfect Phantom

Olivia Diamond

“That was a clever hoax you tried to perpetrate. Aged the remains…stored her in a hundred-year old steamer trunk…deep-froze her in a snow bank…” Detective Morrison of the Chicago Police Department confronts Thad Majeski.

At his wit’s end because a phantom has just abducted his current girlfriend and transported her back in time to 1893 Chicago, Thad is now accused of the murder of his ex-girlfriend. He must somehow transport himself to a bygone era, rescue Ottilia, and dispatch the ghost of the serial killer who has bedeviled him for several months.

This is no ordinary haunting – the chilling purpose of the ghostly visitations is to spirit women away in the present and murder them in past time. The charming psychopath is the spirit of Chicago’s first documented serial killer, Dr. Herman Mudgett, alias H.H. Holmes.

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