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Olivia Diamond and Rod Rogers have been writing great books for many years. We invite you to click on any of the blurbs below to find out more about each book…all available for sale on Amazon.

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Penultimate Summer by Rod Rogers

Penultimate Summer

Scientists discover an emerging extinction threat to Planet Earth, but they are silenced…exterminated by an evil cabal. But astrophysicist Melody Lucero doesn’t give up the fight against forces that would reshape humanity to their liking.

Scimitar – Retribution

Scimitar – Evolution – Book 5 in the Series

A continuation of the Scimitar saga leads into more perilous times – ominous trends in the struggle for human survival. Senior captain Jennifer Giles is tasked with the mission to buy more time.

Stranger in My Own Land by Olivia Diamond.

Stranger in My Own Land

A verse novel recounting the last days of pioneering American feminist Margaret Fuller who perished when her ship went down near Fire Island in 1850.

Grant Me a Cloud by Olivia Diamond

Grant Me a Cloud

Poetic reflections on world events mixed with personal explorations on nature and mortality – the view from the cloud gives perspective to envision the future.

Never the Same by Olivia Diamond

Never the Same

Who is Ellie Dubeck’s real father? The Depression and the entertainment industry affect her personal saga and American society as she discovers the truth.

The Grim War by Rod Rogers

The Grim War

The teeming billions of Earth are unaware of the message they have sent into the void. An electromagnetic message saying, here I am.

The Children of Danu by Rod Rogers

Children of Danu

Before the Earth was formed, before the galaxy existed, an unending mordant contest rendered all ancient domains incapable of sustaining life.

Women at the Well by Olivia Diamond

Women at the Well

Dramatic monologues in which sixty-one Biblical women tell their sides of the stories, some strident and defiant, others humorous.

Voice of Stone by Olivia Diamond

Voice of Stone

The lives of a silversmith’s family and a stonecutter’s family in the twenty-five years before Francisco Pizarro’s 1532 arrival in Peru.

The Wheels of Being by Olivia Diamond

The Wheels of Being

A bizarre vagabond with a fantastical imagination joins up with a businessman to come up with a “bigger is better” plan to transform a small Illinois town.

The Pluperfect Phantom by Olivia Diamond

The Pluperfect Phantom

Time travel? Time machines? Is that really possible? Maybe. And what if a criminal genius discovered a way to travel from the 1890s into modern-day Chicago?

The Cat Who Would Be A Woman by Olivia Diamond

The Cat Who Would Be a Woman

A kaleidoscope of thirty-two tales, often bizarre and fantastical, whisking you to places like Chernobyl and Argentina.

The Bottle Collector by Olivia Diamond

The Bottle Collector

A body found bludgeoned in a Nevada mine shaft. The leader of a commune falsely tried. How is the real murderer of the bottle collector exposed?

Still Unrepentant by Olivia Diamond

Still Unrepentant

From topics of global concern to quirky takes on dogs and a bowling ball rosary, there is something for everyone here from this incorrigible poet.

Please Trespass Here by Olivia Diamond

Please Trespass Here

Themes span world events in the first decade of the twenty-first century mixed with humorous takes on daily life and nature.

Playground by Olivia Diamond


What was childhood like before the digital age? It was magical and imaginative, with kites, home-made toys, cardboard refrigerator boxes, and lightning bugs.

Novenas for Grandmother by Olivia Diamond

Novenas for Grandmother

In sixteen poems, the author imagines her immigrant Polish grandmother’s experiences and episodes of her life after coming to America in 1909.

Land of the Four Quarters by Olivia Diamond

Land of the Four Quarters

These persona poems dramatize the growth of the Inca Empire, the Spanish conquest, and the colonization of Peru, vividly depicting the clash of cultures.

Inland Waters by Olivia Diamond

Inland Waters

How does Snorri bring together a town on the shores of Lake Superior by knitting garments for its troubled citizens?

How Public LIke a Frog by Olivia Diamond

How Public Like a Frog

Six years of the author’s blog posts on subjects relating to the arts and everything literary — anything that captured the goggle-eyed frog’s attention.

Gerontion and the Maiden by Olivia Diamond

Gerontion and the Maiden

The spirit of Aspasia from ancient Greece helps Felicia discover a balance between reason and passion.

Geography of My Bones by Olivia Diamond

Geography of My Bones

Poetry that extends from America’s heartland to the Middle East in a variety of forms and themes from the domestic to the deeply spiritual.

Delayed Reaction by Olivia Diamond

Delayed Reaction

An aging Vietnam veteran, posing as a buffoon, guides a boy to self-awareness and a critical examination of society.

Daughter of the Conquest by Olivia Diamond

Daughter of the Conquest

Third in the Inca Trilogy, the novel follows Beatriz’ mestiza daughter Mirasol as she becomes a powerful abbess, revealing that convent life is often far from austere.

Conquistadora by Olivia Diamond


Second in the Inca trilogy, the novel recounts the story of Beatriz, the Moorish camp follower in Pizarro’s army who rose to wealth and prominence in colonial Cuzco.

Blue Angel

Blue Angel

How the author worked through grief after her daughter’s suicide, seeking solace through such means as birds, angels, meditation, dreams, music, and travel.

Be Thou a Man by Olivia Diamond

Be Thou a Man

Biography of Saul Alinsky dispels myths about the Chicago activist who was not as radical politically as some might think.