The Cat Who Would Be a Woman

The Cat Who Would Be A Woman by Olivia Diamond


The Cat Who Would Be a Woman

Olivia Diamond

Some tails are long and some short as are the tales in this collection that offers something for every reader. The title piece sets a whimsical tone with a magical look at anthropomorphism in a way not seen before. The diverse subjects often employ bizarre characters and fantastical situations with surprise twists at the end.

Some tales are a few pages that can be read in a few minutes while waiting for an appointment. The longest tale, “Cosa Distinta,” takes a Chicago woman on a romantic Argentine adventure. These tales are quirky and unusual, the settings ranging from contemporary America to Chernobyl. Modern love relationships are explored in a humorous tone. A fractured fairy tale, “Jack on the Beam,” adds to the eclectic mix of the stories. On a serious note, the death of a child in “Of Those Who Sleep,” and the ravages of old age in “When the Curtain Comes Down” are explored.

This collection presents a kaleidoscope of delightful tales, mostly short, on a variety of themes with a good mixture of humor, horror, realism, and fantasy. For a quick romp through a collection of thirty-two stories that succeed in engaging the reader on many different levels, choose this book.

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