Never the Same

Never the Same by Olivia Diamond


Never the Same

Olivia Diamond

Born during the Great Depression, Ellie Dubeck grapples with the realization that her mother ran off to Omaha and left her to be raised by grandparents on their western Iowa farm. She reaches womanhood, scarred by the lies and conflicting stories that her relatives told her about her father’s true identity. She is persistent and determined to solve the mystery while struggling to deal with the emotional toll it had taken on her life.

Only after she has raised her own family can Ellie make peace with her mother, Hilda. Together they face their demons and confront the man who wreaked havoc in both their lives. Against the backdrop of the effects of pop culture and the entertainment industry on the family and the fabric of American society, the history of these descendants of German immigrants is sketched from the 1930s through the beginning of the twenty-first century.

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