Inland Waters

Inland Waters by Olivia Diamond


Inland Waters

Olivia Diamond

An eye injury has disabled Snorri Torgersen from his job on a Great Lakes freighter. He feels useless until he discovers knitting and in the process learns that his handiwork has the capacity to heal. He develops a peculiar ability to identify color through touch and to occasionally see auras. When the big, rugged-looking Snorri captures young boys’ interest in knitting, he earns the enmity of the town’s high school football coach, who, motivated by revenge, attempts to ruin him, accusing him of child molestation.

Told within the context of the ecological, economic, and political problems of contemporary America, this is a story about the fiber that binds people together to create a steadfast resilience for living, no matter the disappointments or surprises thrown at them. Accidents, infidelity, lawsuits, and mishaps threaten to tear apart this family and community situated on the southern shore of Lake Superior, but Snorri, despite his impaired physical vision, infuses a spiritual sense into the conflicts that re-establishes connections.

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