Grant Me a Cloud

Grant Me a Cloud by Olivia Diamond


Grant Me a Cloud

Olivia Diamond

Collected here are a hundred poems that Olivia Diamond wrote over the tumultuous years 2017 to 2020. The mood ranges from grim to hopeful, from serious to humorous, from the global to the personal. Memories of childhood events and two years spent in Saudi Arabia provide the fuel for many of the poems. She ponders the blessings of the present, the gift of life, and the beauty of the natural world. Nothing is too small to escape her attention – a dust ball, a fly, a freckle – while at the same time being concerned about larger issues facing American society such as climate change and hungry children. The consciousness of mutability, time, and eternity pervades this collection. More than ever, the world needs the reflection that poetry offers. Poetry is her path to peace. Poetry is the cloud that gives the perspective to contemplate the human condition.

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