Olivia Diamond

Used, abused, discarded? Giselle violently rejects the role of castoff sex toy. In a white-hot uncontrollable rage, she brutally slays her erstwhile lover in his Chicago condominium when her final attempt to win him back fails. And then…when sanity returns…she begins a years-long journey toward redemption through the phases of flight, justification, denial, acceptance, and finally, surrender. Readers looking for a who-dunnit, won’t find it here. Giselle did it. She murdered with all the calculation, vengeance, and vehemence of a woman scorned.

In its aftermath she is determined to live as a respected member of a small community in the Canadian Rockies. But how long can she live a lie? How long will justice be delayed, especially when her slain lover’s mother and his fiancée are determined to have vengeance?

Ebook $5.00 | Paperback $8.95 | Hardcover $14.95