Gerontion and the Maiden

Gerontion and the Maiden by Olivia Diamond


Gerontion and the Maiden

Olivia Diamond

Set in contemporary St. Louis, this romance reworks the theme of reason versus passion against the backdrop of a May-December marriage with the help of a disincarnate woman, Aspasia – once a courtesan and Pericles’s wife in ancient Greece. Felicia Mendive, an upwardly mobile woman in the banking world, wills to control the course of life through her rational powers. On a lark, Felicia and her two friends, visit a channeler who receives cryptic messages in verse from Aspasia.

On repeated visits to the medium, the messages seem pointed at Felicia and at her single-minded pursuit of money and power. When Felicia marries Gus Walsingham, the sixty-five-year-old wealthy owner of a bathroom-fixture and hot-tub business, she discovers a crack in her cool rationality. The marriage is a sound business contract, ensuring that Walsingham Waterworks is managed capably after Gus’s retirement and accomplishing Felicia’s proclaimed goal in the opening line of the book: “I want all the good things of this life.” She gets more than she bargains for and learns the limitations of her cold approach when she experiences a passionate love.

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