Blue Angel


Blue Angel

Olivia Diamond

This self-help book recounts how the author found solace after the mental illness and suicide of her twenty-year old daughter. The memory of her experience at age seven when she was the only angel to show up in a blue dress on First Holy Communion Day at St. Mary of the Angels Church in Chicago provides the starting point for her grief-recovery process.

She begins a frantic quest to learn everything she can about angels, latching onto the notion that when angels choose to incarnate, the results are often tragic. In the six-year period covered in the book, the author witnesses synchronicities and the presence of angels both in the spirit and in the flesh.

The book is arranged under such topics as angels, dreams, birds, travel, the resurrection lily, music, and meditation – each of them forming a vane of the process the author describes as her pinwheel of grief. It attempts to answer a multitude of “whys” after a heart-wrenching tragedy. Some of the questions lead to answers that soothe the soul. Mired in grief, the author writes that she found “angels in the mud.”

The blue angel of the story is both the bereaved mother and the daughter. As this mother progresses through the grief process, she realizes the mother-daughter roles have reversed. She is the daughter now, and the deceased child, who precedes her across death’s threshold, is the mother. In this account of life after the death of a beloved child, the mother testifies to incredible manifestations of that daughter’s guidance and direction beyond the grave, effecting great blessings.

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