Stranger in My Own Land

Stranger in My Own Land by Olivia Diamond.


Stranger in My Own Land

Olivia Diamond

Aboard a ship homeward bound to America from Italy in 1850, Margaret Fuller, the first woman foreign correspondent, narrates the story of her life.

The daughter of a Massachusetts congressman who educated her in the classics, she fought to carve out a place for herself in the limited scope reserved for women in the nineteenth century, forging a path for other feminists to follow.

A close friend of Thoreau and Emerson, she met many of the prominent figures of her day. Now she faces a less-than-warm welcome as she returns to her home country with an eighteen-month-old child conceived out-of-wedlock and an Italian husband ten years her junior.

If she, a woman born before her time, had lived, she would have continued to be a stranger in her own land. But, drowning when her ship foundered on a sand bar near Fire Island, New York, Margaret Fuller will never return to the land of her birth.

The reach of Margaret Fuller was vast, considering her short life span of forty years. To perish at the point at which she had come into her own as a journalist and a woman forms the tragedy in this verse-novel told in her own voice.

Upon her death, Horace Greeley wrote, “So passed away the loftiest, bravest soul that has yet irradiated the form of an American woman.”

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