Still Unrepentant

Still Unrepentant by Olivia Diamond


Still Unrepentant

Olivia Diamond

Poetry is a reflection upon life. The poems in this collection offer windows with distinct views reflecting upon a variety of concerns ranging from aging, the passing of parents, politics, and violence – to quirkier takes on dogs, a handbag, or a bowling ball rosary in a farmer’s field. Following the course of this unrepentant poet, who unabashedly refuses to abandon an art often considered trivial or meaningless in a society dominated by pop culture, the reader will encounter a consciousness that rises beyond the purely confessional to topics of global importance.

No one style dominates, as Olivia Diamond uses a variety of traditional forms and free verse to produce a distinctive voice, including the dramatic monologue in which ten Biblical women complete this volume. Diamond’s poetry encompasses the ancient past, current history, and the common elements that compose all our lives. Through all her reflections, Diamond’s poetry is quintessentially American.

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