How Public Like a Frog

How Public LIke a Frog by Olivia Diamond


How Public Like a Frog

Olivia Diamond

In the last few decades blogging has evolved into a distinct genre. Taking a cue from Emily Dickinson’s poem, the author jumps into the vast ocean of bloggers, offering her original take on books, films, culture, and the craft of writing fiction and poetry. Some posts are commentaries on her own novels and poetry books. From her remote mountain retreat she sends these mini-essays into the blogosphere. Collected in this anthology are posts from her blog site, How Public like a Frog, during the period May 2011 to May 2017.

For some people, a blog can be an online journal, a ranting platform, or an informational forum for a personal interest or hobby. In the classical sense, Olivia Diamond’s blog posts aim to delight and to instruct while producing a lively exchange of ideas on a wide range of topics. Compact nuggets, they can be read and enjoyed in a spare moment like a piece of rich, dark chocolate.

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