Mountain of Dreams

Imagination takes flight at Star Meadow, a place in the mountains of northwestern Montana where Rod and Olivia’s fictional worlds are born and developed – and where nature displays its magnificent beauty. Please explore our enchanted forest of books written to satisfy diverse reading tastes.

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We have written lots of books over the last thirty years, and these books are available in various formats. The six books shown here are the ones we are featuring right now. Just click to take a close-up look.

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With about thirty books in our collection, we know that you will enjoy at least one and probably more. And don’t forget that these books are available in various formats such as Ebook, paperback, and hardcover.

Rod Rogers is an acclaimed master of science fiction and fantasy, and if you like to spend time with exciting stories, Rod’s long-form books are just right for you.

Olivia Diamond is an accomplished writer of historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and various poetic forms. If thoughtful and intelligent writing is what you like, Olivia’s books are what you have been looking for.

The Grim War

The teeming billions of Earth are unaware of the message they have sent into the void. An electromagnetic message saying, here I am.
By Rod Rogers

Ebook $2.99 - Paperback $15.75

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Ibn Tulun Mosque Cairo

History in Fiction

When does a novel based on history belong in the genre of historical fiction? What distinguishes it from the period piece or a work of historical fantasy?

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Stranger in My Own Land

In 1850, feminist icon Margaret Fuller reflects upon her life as she sails home on the ship which will be wrecked off FireIsland, New York.
By Olivia Diamond